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Spotted bats forage primarily on moths but do not appear to select particular species. and . Ground movement When pterosaurs were first realised to be flying animals they thought have perched trees like birds

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Patagium - WikipediaThey eat antlions beetles centipedes cicadas crickets grasshoppers Jerusalem katydids moths praying mantids scorpions solpugids termites and rarely take geckos lizards skinks small rodents plant material which is likely ingested when arthropod prey gleaned from surfaces. Conservation biology of the cave bats Mexico. This species difficult to detect acoustically and from Leptonycteris in flight except at very close range . Spotted bats forage primarily on moths but do not appear to select particular species. In Arizona spotted bats traveled up to km from roosts and night roosted for hrs away their day . Pitts R

Both species are usually associated with permanent sources of water typically rivers and streams but Yuma myotis also use tinajas the arid West. thysanodes largely focus on loss or modification of roosting habitat. Genetic studies of Lasiurus Chiroptera . Roost sites of the silverhaired bat Lasionycteris noctivagans in Black Hills South Dakota. Jackson . U. Special Publications The Museum Texas Tech University No. However some of the general threats to bats could apply this species. A common trait is juveniles having shorter jaws and dentition more suited to catching insects where adults the are proportionately longer with teeth seizing fish

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