Valuncia - O er the Arlanzon went. If thou take the ladies serve them even as they desire

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In the city of Valencia arose no little fear. He gained something the country of Moor When marched there for many goods brought with him away. And you shall lack for nothing while dwell upon the earth | valuncia language:en

In San Pedro de Cardenas let us hear the cock ere day. The land of King Alfonso we can leave behind tonight. Was none dared aught to utter unto my lord the Cid

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THE LAY OF THE CIDGreat company of people marched with the Campeador. I am come wife much honored by the Creator s grace And sonsin law bring thee whence our fame shall wax apace. The place where they found lodging Ansarera is its name. My lord the Cid saw somewhat and was well pleased thereby For looked forth before him lifting up his eyes on high. With them will do nothing except at thy command

At Fronchales rested they. More than twenty had he slain. But now of Felez Munoz will tell the tale once more. In such wise have they valued it and on parchment set down That for silver marks three thousand Alcocer Cid did sell. He kissed thy hands begged thee thine acceptance to accord. The next day in morning when at last sun outshone Then did Jerome Bishop his matin song intone. At last has night passed over and breaketh now the dawn many worthy nobles there to place have drawn For behold that combat wherefore their mirth was high. Then they bore home booty up Henares stream Past Guadalajara. He kissed his hand fairly gave him greeting then To God now thanks be given that see thee lord again. Above the Moorish battle two flagsin chief arose But of their mingling pennons number who shall name Now squadrons Moors marching right onward came That Cid and his henchmen they might capture out hand. And the next day in dawning when soon sun should rise Cid was armed with him all men of his emprise. The place where they found lodging Ansarera is its name. His heart was glad within him and smile on face

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VIII Minaya Alvar Fanez hark what he said thereto Ho Campeador thy pleasure all things may we . Dame Sol and Elvira had no longer power of speech


  • Like many feudal epics The Lay of Cid portrays breakdown vassallord relationship due to some shortcoming manner which attempts deal with this situation and reaches climax resolution detailed account formal trial. It irked the men of Teca wroth in Terrer were they Know ye on all Calatayud sorely thing did weigh

    • I will meet him if so his shall be. While they of Carrion this shame complotted each with In midst Moor erheard them that could Latin speech

  • The Heirs of Carrion elsewhere have armed them for fray. The Campeador shall take them in his charge thenceforward on. They cast away my daughters

    • So God thee help and speed. On others goods they borrow for their own will not suffice Know well fools men took them from that suit when scaped twain. When my lord the Cid had heard it noble Campeador Then long time much pondering turned tidings For this to Christ master give thanks again

  • My sovereign and master think thee well for this. Such joy they had that from their eyes tears began to rain

  • How had shed that noble fortune now lightly may you guess. Ye have lost good marriage better matches shall make. Of their wickedness my foemen have done this thing to

    • Not worse therefore but better are we then in our own sight. Let us on the morrow morning prepare to ride away For against my lord AIfonso strife would not stir

    • Naught profits the ladies however hard they pray. For wicked men and traitors will leave you on the spot. To the court in such a fashion enter am fain My rights there demand them speak meaning plain

  • Of the twoscore and ten thousand when they were counted There scaped out that battle but hundred men four. Down the hill they come in hosen and their saddles are but light loose girths. And high the hills are wooded to clouds branches sweep savage creatures that roundabout them creep there upon bower with clear spring they light Heirs of Carrion bade their tent be pight

    • To my lord Cid in all things will show favor plain. The others in presence they were well pleased at this

  • My lord the Cid beheld it and wondering much spoke Father Heaven mighty thanks must now proffer Thee. Nor has son of Moor Christian e er torn that beard mine once Cabra Castle did oh Count thine When one time and thy my hand set

    • Against don Muno Gustioz the buckler did smite And piercing through right cuirass broke. They kissed ground beneath him his feet as well Now boon King Alfonso

  • The place where they are heiresses shall unto them be shown. Minaya Alvar Fanez to San Pedro got him gone

  • The fortune of each cavalier had sped exceeding well One hundred marks silver to them there fell And foot soldiers half that obtained. The Mass of holy Trinity sang for thee this day

  • They passed through Alcarrias and swift marched along By Caverns of Anquita hastened their way. That venture in no way intend shall not go to seek them

  • Unto her home went she. A round fifth of the treasure for my lord Cid remained But here could not sell it nor gifts give away

  • On the field Moors thirteen hundred were slain little space. He took them a hall apart Now harken me both Minaya and Per Vermudoz

    • Then they went forth from Celfa of Canal it has its name Never whit rested but marched livelong day. Out of the mighty plunder we won here in fight would give him five score horses which to now take kiss thou his hand earnestly plead with for sake my wife Ximena twain maids blood that be yet pleasure they brought . No other can it be

  • Minaya Alvar Fanez has departed to Castile. Per Vermudoz sat firmly therefore did not reel. In Valencia great riches have they given to his hand

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